Cheapest smartphone, Zzapo Mobile, launches in Nigeria

For five working days beginning today, every Nigerian will have the opportunity to own a smartphone for as low as N8,000.

This initiative was introduced at the weekend during the launch of a new mobile phone called Zzapo mobile.

The phone, which is from Zzapo Ltd founded by Mr. Rakesh Upadhyay in 2012, is going to be available at their Ikeja office, 21, Awolowo Road, from Monday to Friday at the promo price.

“Every accessory will also go for more than half of the price during this period,” Rakesh said at a press briefing.

He said his company wants to make sure that every Nigerian owns a smartphone “as we have discovered that there is great demand for smartphone in Africa, but most of them are very expensive, causing the penetration of smartphone in the market to be low.”

Explaining some of the features of the phone, he said Zzapo mobile is the first mobile phone in world to have a 720degree camera that can click a picture 360 degree vertical and horizontal Panoramic high definition image at the same time.

“Zzapo mobile comes in two variants 4gb ram with 64gb internal memory and second one with 6gb ram and 128gb internal memory. But during the promotion period, only 4gb mobile will be available in Black colour.

“The original price for 4gb will be N45,000 and 6gb price is N60,000, but during the promo period, the price of 4gb model will only be N7999 that will make it most affordable smartphone price in Nigeria.”


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  1. I was at the office in Ikeja this morning and I was informed that the phones were not available that I should pay and order for it and it will arrive in 21 days. Doesn’t sound professional to me.

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