‘Cheap Gifts Make No Sense Economically’, Actress Sylvia Oluchi Says

Sylvia Oluchi hates cheap gifts and no it’s not a bourgeoursie mentality, it just doesn’t make any economic sense where she’s concerned.

The actress who was caught in the middle of the sexual assault saga that rocked Nollywood months ago, calling out famed director, Lancelot Imaseun over inappropriate sexual behaviour, took to Twitter to share few things.

Sylvia Oluchi noted that cheap gifts are a waste of resources because the person who receives such likely throws them away after a smile and thank you to the giver.

She opined it is better to get something handmade with sentimental value or better still, something edible like chocolate or biscuits which the recipient of the gift can eat as opposed to trashing. N500 naira will do justice to this instead of cheap earrings for the same price but will never be worn.

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