Chauncey Hawkins aka Loon Released from Prison After Serving Nine Years

Chauncey Hawkins aka Loon is officially a free man.

The rapper who was signed to Diddy’s Bad Boys record label, gained his freedom after serving a nine-year prison sentence.

Loon was arrested and charged in 2008 on drug related charges and had been trying to secure his freedom for a while.

Thankfully, criminal justice advocate and former music producer, Weldon Angelos , took an interest in the case in 2018 through his criminal justice platform, The Weldon Project.

He went on to collaborate with various celebrities and wrote different letters to get Loon presidential clemency which didn’t happen.

However, after the Covid-19 outbreak in prisons, Angelos filed a motion for compassionate release under the First Step Act.

The court granted the motion on Wednesday, July 29 and ordered the immediate release of Loon from prison though he still had 13 months to the end of his prison sentence.

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