Charly Boy Tells Closeted Gay Fans: “Call Me. I Will Make Time to Listen to You”

Charly Boy has tweeted for fans who shared how they have been battling with their families who have bias against gay people.

The singer had shared the post about his own daughter, Dewy Oputa, who is a lesbian. He professed his unconditional love for Dewy, adding that she is a blessing to him.

The post stirred heartwarming reactions, with many people wishing they had the same support from their parents. And he offered to speak to them.

“Wow!!!! I am indeed amazed with the reaction I am getting after my recent post about my child’s sexuality. If you feel pressured or unloved by ur parents because they don’t understand you and you’re afraid about talking to them, call me on 0818 020 8694,” he said.”

He continued, “I willl make time to listen to you and maybe together we can talk through whatever is bordering you. AreaFada Parents owe their children unconditional Love.”


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