Charly Boy Speaks on Coming to Terms with His Daughter Being Gay

Charly Boy has spoken up on the range of emotions he went through upon learning his last child’s sexuality and coming to terms with it.

The social activist disclosed how 4 years ago, his daughter, Dewy called him from the United States and broke the news that she was a lesbian to him over the telephone.

Charly Boy revealed that in the moment she said it, he hoped it was a prank and had to ask if she was sure. She affirmed this and the Area Fada noted that he went through a range of emotions; blame, worry, love, etc.

However, four years down the line, he can boldly say that he’s grateful for having a gay child and that he loves her no matter what.

He advised parents to quit blaming themselves for what they did or did not do when faced with such a situation.

See his post below.

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