Chaos as Herbalist is Nabbed for Laying a Curse

The bloodbath carried out in St Phillip’s church in Ozubulu in Anambra State on a Sunday morning last year which resulted in the death of scores of people left the nation stunned.

In the wake of the grim murders, the youth of the town called the Concerned Indigenous People of Ozubulu consulted with a native doctor to place a curse on the perpetrators of the crime – a decision that didn’t sit well with some local residents who reported the matter to the police.

Following their strong petition, Anayo Ilomuanya, the 94-year-old native doctor consulted, was arrested by the police along with those who consulted him and are said to be arraigned in court.

There is however a problem as under the Nigerian law, it is not a crime to lay a curse on someone. Simply put, matters are not adjudicated upon.

Trust the police to come up with a solution though…

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