‘Your Career is in the Toilet!’- Wendy Williams Rips Into Justin Timberlake

Wendy Williams has dragged Justin Timberlake for filth, letting him know how she felt about his controversial Super Bowl halftime show last Sunday.

Recall that many people criticised the singer for using the image and voice of the late Prince during the Super Bowl halftime show, even though the legend had expressly condenmed digital performances. Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, tried to convince people that Prince would have loved the performance, but folks continue to roast Timberlake, the latest criticism coming from Wendy Williams who thinks the singer’s career is now in the toilet.


“So, sorry Justin that your career is in the toilet at this point. Sorry Justin that nobody liked your last album,” Williams said.

And she was not done.

She reminded him of how he jeopardised Janet Jackson’s career when he exposed her breast during the Superbowl Halftime show 14 years ago, how he publicly heaped the blame on her. Now, he is being dragged for going against Prince’s wishes and is ‘crying like a baby’ over it.

“Sorry Justin that you’re crying like a baby, and sorry Justin that you have so much to say about this performance but nothing to say when you ripped Janet’s boob off,” she added.

And she said more. Watch the video;


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