Cardi B’s Response to Claims That She Uses Ghost Writers: ‘I Don’t Care. I’m Rich’

Rapper Nya Lee has published her private chat with Cardi B in which the Bodak Yellow rapper allegedly made preposterous statements about her career.

Writing on Instagram yesterday, Nya Lee, who has been embroiled in nasty feud with the pregnant rapper, said she had resisted posting their private chat, but couldn’t because the words Cardi said to her hurt.

“You know I spent hours fighting with myself on whether or not to even address this. It’s just so troubling to me that the same people we praise for women empowerment are the same ones tearing other up and coming female artists down,” said Lee, adding, “The media often times brushes things under the rug for their favs but this literally hurt me to my soul and I really understand now what It feels like to be attacked by the same artist you cheered on.”

From the screenshots, Cardi is seen cussing out her counterpart and accusing her of being jealous of her career. And when Nya Lee confronted her with claims of using multiple ghost writers, Cardi dismissed it, saying she is rich.

“I don’t care I’m rich,” said Cardi, before going on to mock Nya Lee’s career.

Swipe to see all the screenshots.

This comes just days after Cardi deactivated her Instagram following a messy fight with Azealia Banks.

Cardi B has yet to address Nya Lee’s post, however she took to her Twitter to mock those championing the #CardiIsCancelled party.

See her tweets below.

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