Cardi B’s Candidate, Nixon, Loses Democratic Primary to Nicki Minaj’s Candidate, Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon has lost the Democratic Primary to Andrew Cuomo, and this comes hours after Cardi B took to her Instagram to declare her support for Nixon.

Nicki Minaj had shared asked fans to vote for Cuomo, and this quickly turned into another power tussle after Cardi decided to throw her weight behind the challenger Cynthia Nixon.

“They know how to work for the people to make NY even GREATER. Spread the word. See you at the Polls,” Minaj said her tweet yesterday.

To which Cardi replied with her own post, saying: “Polls close around 8PM. NEW YORKERS VOTE NOW !!!!!!” and Nixon quickly acknowledged this and even thanked Cardi on Twitter for her support.

This comes amid the heated beef between the two rappers.

Minutes before the results for the election came in, Cynthia Nixon took to Twitter to write: “I want to thank all of the #TeamCynthia volunteers, supporters, and voters who dedicated their time to championing the progressive message of our campaign. I’m so proud of all the work we’ve done to build a New York that works for all of us. #CynthiaForNY.”

However, E! News reports that she has now lost to Cuomo. And folks can’t wait to see how the rappers who endorsed them will react to the update!

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