Cardi B Wants To Hug God After After Another Groundbreaking Billboard Success

Cardi B is thankful.

The rapper took to her Instagram yesterday to post a thank you note to her fans and God after her song, I Like It and the feature song Girls Like You, made it to the top five on the Billboard charts.

“I LIKE IT “NUMBER 3 on the hot 100 “GIRLS LIKE YOU “NUMBER 4 Thank you sooo much .I can’t believe it I’m soooo happy.I love my fans i love my supporters i love God .He sooo amazing to me he really is real .THE DEVIL BE WORKING BUT GOD WORKS HARDERS ALWAYS !!!!!! @jbalvin @badbunnypr @maroon5,” she captioned her post.

And in the post, she talked about how she wants to hug God, how she would kiss the feet of Jesus if she met him in her dream, how grateful she is of everything that is coming her way.

As expected, this touched the hearts of her fans, and we surely know they will be streaming her songs like crazy now, to get her another No. 1 song.

Watch the clip below.

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