Cardi B Thinks Bullying Contributes to School Shooting: ‘Stop Picking on Socially Awkward Kids!’

Cardi B has spoken up since the news of the latest school shooting in Florida that claimed the lives of seventeen school children and staff.

Posting on her social media, the Bodak Yellow rapper said bullying contributes to these tragedies, that some of these students who end up taking guns to school were often picked on by their colleagues.

“The school shooter has never looked like the cheerleader, [or] the popular kid. It is always the kid that looks socially awkward..and I feel like one of the best way to prevent this type of tragedy is: stop picking on these kids. Stop bullying on these kids. The devil speaks to you the most when you feel helpless,” she said.

She continued, “Stop picking on them! If you see these kids that look a little weird and not like you, say ‘hi’ to them. That should be better than picking [on them].”

This interesting perspective has stirred reactions on Instagram. While some feel it is a gun control issue and not simply bullying issue, others agree with the rapper.

@tiiiiffanyyy said, “School kids are gonna always be childish…there’s no way around it…The only way to prevent school shootings, is to put the same energy they put into airport security into keeping weapons out of the schools.”

@kesh1225 added, “I agree. We need to be kind to one another, but this is simply a gun issue. HE WOULD NOT HAVE KILLED THIS MANY KIDS WITH A KNIFE.”

However, @melissarainhernandez: “Everyone blames the shooter or the gun but people need to realize they don’t just randomly do this everyone is accountable she gave me another perspective I didn’t even think about it like that.”

What do you think?

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