Cardi B Teases Remix of Davido’s “Fall” as She Prepares to Visit Lagos

Cardi B is coming to Lagos and she surely will be performing her latest remix of Davido’s Fall.

The rapper took to Instagram to preview her remix, and the snippet was accompanied by footage of her twerking on a private plane while en route to Lagos.

“Chanel, Louis, Fendi all on me,” she raps on the Afrobeat hit. “You know I bring that ass when you call on me.”

Cardi is set to perform for the first time at the Livespot X Festival in Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana. “1:03am drop my KK in NY on my way to Afrriiiiicaaaaaaaaaa baybeeeee!!!!!!” she captioned the clip.

Check out her post below:

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