Cardi B Slams Trolls Discrediting Her Billboard Record: ‘Let Me Be Happy!’

Cardi B wants you all to leave her alone.

Last night, the pregnant rapper earned her second no. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, this time with her single, I Like It, off her successful debut album, Invasion of Privacy.

This new record also meant that she set a new record by becoming the first female soloist with two no.1 songs off a debut album, and the first female artist with multiple no. 1 song off an album since Taylor Swift’s 1989.

While many of her fans celebrated this news, many trolls tried to diminish her success by claiming that the new record was manipulated in Cardi’s favour, their reason being that rapper XXXTentacion dropped the official video of his song SAD! which garnered massive streams large enough to propel him to the no. 1 spot.

Well, Cardi had to DM Chart Data to confirm how many copies/stream her song raked in, and she posted the result on her Instagram page.

“air and square since ya like to discredit everything!! Had to Dm chart data myself !!!Let me be happy !Trying to bring somebody down for something they work so hard only brings YOU BAD KARMA,” she said.

See her post below.

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