Cardi B Shoots Down Rumour That She’s Working on a Song With Nicki Minaj

Cardi B thinks it is ‘dope’ to work with Nicki Minaj, but that opportunity will not be coming anytime soon.

The recent drama started after a rumour surfaced that the pregnant rapper and Nicki will be featured on an upcoming Juice WRLD track, Lucid Dreams.

The rumour spread quickly, stirring mixed reactions from their fan bases. But Cardi quickly nipped it in the bud. She went on the page, Pop Crave, that first spread the rumour, insisting the collaboration wasn’t happening: “Dope but its not true :/” she wrote on the outlet’s Instagram post.

There has been longstanding rumours that Nicki and Cardi are beefing each other, even though the rappers keep quashing it. Many people believe that a second collaboration will be welcome.

But will that be happening anytime soon? We hope so.


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