Cardi B Returns to Instagram After Nasty Feud With Azealia Banks, Teases ‘Be Careful’ Video

Cardi B is set to drop her video for Be Careful today, May 21, and so she returned to Instagram to share the news with her 24 million fans and also to share a sneak peek of the visual.

“‘Be Careful’ video coming tomorrow on my youtube page. Love ya,” she wrote.

The hit single off her debut album Invasion of Privacy shows Cardi standing at the altar in a wedding dress, before she walked outside the church doors. The video promises to be heartwrenching, as the song.

This comes days after she deleted her Instagram account following a nasty fight with rapper Azealia Banks, who read her for filth during a heated back-and-forth.

Now, Cardi B is back, however she scrubbed her page clean of her past memories; all fans have now are recent posts from last night.

Check out the teaser below.


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