Cardi B Officially Arrested and Charged With Two Misdemeanors Over Strip Club Fight

Cardi has been officially arrested and charged with two misdemeanors, assault, and reckless endangerment after two bartenders accused her of ordering attacks on them at their job.

In case you missed how the drama started: the bartenders — sisters Jade and Baddie Gi — claimed they were attacked on August 29 while working at strip club Angels because of allegations they had sex with Cardi B’s husband, Offset.

The sisters claimed someone from Cardi B’s crew threw bottles and chairs at them, causing bodily harm, that they both denied medical attention even though they were both hurt.

And it is for this reason they are now suing the Bronx-born star for damages.

Today, Cardi surrendered to the police, and TMZ reports that she was officially arrested, had her mug shot taken and was fingerprinted. The rapper is scheduled to be arraigned on October 29.

Speaking with the press, the sisters’ lawyer, Joe Tacopina, who also represents Meek Mill, said: “She continues to threaten them and clearly thinks her celebrity status is going to get her out of this. But it doesn’t matter if her name is Cardi B or Carl B … if she commits violent assaults she will be brought to justice.”

We can’t wait to see how this all pans out.


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