Cardi B Drops Surprise New Track ‘Drip’ Featuring Migos

Cardi B‘s debut album Invasion of Privacy is almost here, and the pregnant rapper has dropped yet another song off the album.

Drip, which features rap group Migos, is far different from the scorned romance of Be Careful, and sees the Bronx rapper bully-talking about how she needs to work on her anger lest she “kill a bitch with her fingers.” Ahe also bragged about how she will “run through your hood like, ‘Bitch I’m the mayor.'”

Of course, she rapped about her body dripping with ice, abstaining from buying more Gucci because she’s running out of hangers, and more signature Cardi talk.

Her album drops on Friday, and fans already can’t wait to see all she has cooked up for her fans.

Listen to Drip below.


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