Cardi B Claps Back at Makeup Aristi Who Called Her the ‘Worst Client Ever’

Cardi B has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, and she did just that when a makeup artist took to social media to spill their business for the world to see.

The makeup artist identified as “BlacSwan” posted a 36-minute-long YouTube video in which she detailed her two disastrous meetings with the rapper.

According to BlacSwan, she got a “bad impression” of Cardi while doing Cardi’s makeup for a Houston appearance in September 2017. She described Cardi as  “rude” and “blunt,” and her opinion of the rapper worsened when they met yet again in December. She claimed Cardi was late and their interaction and work went sourly because Cardi kicked her out before she was done making her up.

“Get the f—k out of here,” Cardi allegedly told her.

Well, Cardi has now responded to the allegations in a live Instagram video in which she explained that Blacswan showed up to the job “mad late” and “high as f—k.”

She also claimed that the makeup artist, who can be seen crying during her video, is “clout chasing” over something that happened “two years ago.”

“Hell no, I’m not apologizing!” Cardi concluded. “Shorty was unprofessional.”

Blacswan has since defended herself via a series of posts to her Instagram Stories, pulling up text messages that appear to prove she arrived on time and adding that the drug allegations “will not go ignored.” She also said she believes Cardi has her “confused… with a different situation.”

Watch their video below.

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