Cardi B Accused of Ordering Attacks on Two Women Offset Allegedly Cheated With

TMZ is reporting that a woman is planning to take legal action against Cardi B over yet another Offset cheating claims.

According to the blogger, the woman who is a bartender named Jade alleged that Cardi twice sent a group of people to attack her for supposedly sleeping with her rapper husband, an accusation Jade denies.

Jade added that Cardi has been threatening her on Instagram for months, and in June, she was attacked in an Atlanta hotel where Cardi accused her of sleeping with Offset.

The bartender further added that on August 15, a group of five people “associated with Cardi” attacked her at the Queens strip club where she works; and again at the club on Wednesday August 29. Jade said she and her sister Baddie Gi were attacked by other people in Cardi B’s presence with bottles and chairs, “causing serious injuries.”

They also claim Cardi B threw at least one of the bottles at them during the alleged attack on August 29.

Presently, the women are said to be filing a police report naming Cardi, and will be filing a lawsuit soon.

Meet the sisters.


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