Captain Marvel: The Mightiest Avenger

D’you know what time it is? Yes, of course, it’s grudgement day in the battle for the baddest female superhero – a contest between DC and Marvel. Between Gal Gadot and Brie Larson. Yes, between Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel.

All I can say is that Marvel took this grudge too far, and brought something deadlier than Thor’s hammer to a knife fight. Come on, Captain Marvel is easily the mightiest Avenger in the MCU, and Marvel’s biggest female superhero. Don’t get me wrong, Wonder Woman is wonderful, but hey she’s in the same league as Superman – not of Earth. So, you’ve got to forgive me for rooting for the underdog – the freak accident that accidentally acquired the powers harnessed from an Infinity Stone (the Space Stone); got her DNA fused with that of an alien, and ultimately, in one breathe became imbued with the Tesseract’s power. How cool is that?

To understand why the source of her powers is such a big deal, you need to understand how dangerously powerful the Infinity Gems or Stones are. Remember Thanos, anyone? And how he wanted to obliterate half the population of the entire universe by absorbing the powers of the stones? Okay. Let’s deviate and visit our DC cousins for a minute. An Infinity Stone could be said to be much like DC’s Mother Box – remember cosmic cube that was so powerful that Batman and his newfound band of superheroes called the Justice League, had to use it to jumpstart Superman, and literally bring him back from the dead? Yes? Imagine a device or an appliance that, with just one tiny jolt could resurrect Superman- that was the Mother Box. And an Infinity Stone is arguably equally as powerful. And Carol Denvers – a mere earthling absorbed the powers from a source as powerful as the battery that powered Superman back to life.

Half human, half alien – without any disturbing images of an intergalactic mating process, save for the colorful moment of the fusion…oops, I forgot to yell ‘Spoiler Alert’.

Yes, DC raised the bar by introducing a female superhero movie, powerful enough to disrupt the all-boys fanfare that had dominated the screens for years, thanks to the ingenuity of Marvel Studios. But then Marvel couldn’t stand being outdone – you don’t give a big dog like Marvel a painful wedgie like that, and not expect them to bring down Thor’s hammer on the entire school. And that they did with Captain Marvel, plus they brought in the duo of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck to helm the project.

Well, the verdict isn’t in yet. The jury is still out on who the baddest female superhero is, but it sure isn’t a walk in the park anymore for Wonder Woman. A mighty contender just arrived from Kree.

Very nice comeback, Marvel. Very nice. A tad bit of an overkill if you ask me – can’t someone play with you? Anyway, so both DC and Marvel have introduced female superheroes. DC is still owing us a contemporary live-action black superhero to go toe-to-toe with Marvel’s Black Panther. While they’re at it, we can’t help but wonder what’s next in this beautiful cinematic rivalry between DC and Marvel – a child superhero, perhaps?

Afterthought: Oh, and if you’ve been reading this piece, and still wondering what an Infinity Stone is – well, I wish I could tell you it’s the stone David put in his sling to bring down the giant, Goliath. LOL.

—-James Amuta

James Amuta is a critically acclaimed documentary filmmaker. His feature documentary, Nightfall in Lagos has been picked as Official Selection at Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival; iRep International Documentary Film Festival; Cameroon International Film Festival, and was nominated for the Best Documentary award at the 2018 AMVCA. Follow him on Instagram: @jamesamuta

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  1. i felt so bad yet so addicted to completely reading this…i haven’t seen the movie…why!
    But i love the comparative analysis, very realistic , at least close to.

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