Caitlyn Jenner Tells Why it is ‘Tough’ to Maintain a Close Relationship With Her Family

Caitlyn Jenner feels estranged from her Kardashian family, E! News is reporting.

The 68-year-old transgender star opened up about this in new interview with Broadly, in which she talked about her personal life, controversial political stances and her reputation within the transgender community.

“I spend a lot of time by myself here in the house. I have a lot of children, but sometimes just because of circumstances, maintaining a close relationship with your kids is very tough. They all have lives. They’ve all moved on,” said Jenner who came out as transgender in 2015.

The fracture in their relationship stem from her utterance about her ex-wife, Kris Jenner, in her memoirThe Secrets of My Life.

She continued, “We’re just human beings; we’re going to be here for a very short time. We come and we go and at the end, when it’s all said and done, hopefully your family is going to be there.”

And asked about her tumultuous relationship with the transgender community, if would she do things differently if given a second chance, she acknowledged she’s “absolutely” made mistakes as a member of the trans community, adding, ” But I never did it maliciously. I just didn’t know, you know? And I really didn’t realize how critical the community was going to be.”

And she said a lot more.

Read Jenner’s entire sit-down here.

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