Burglar strips, sleeps off after breaking into Pastor’s House

A suspected thief who broke into the home of a pastor in Anambra State while the man was away got more than he bargained for.

According to the pastor identified as Ephraim Ononye, the incident occurred on Sunday, October 27, while he was away on a ministerial assignment in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

He said the suspect, who is believed to have invaded the house with criminal intention, broke into the apartment located at Obosi, Anambra State through the front door.

In a twist of fate, the man removed his clothes, laid on the floor at the front of the house and slept off till the next morning.

The suspected robber was found by neighbours at the front of the house the next morning (Monday) while he was fast asleep. The neighbours thereafter called Ononye to inform him of the presence of the strange man.

Ononye took to social media on Monday to share photos of the man lying naked at the front of his house.

He added that the suspect’s clothes were found inside his house.

Ononye wrote:

“The thief/Hired killer. I was doing the work of my father at Power House Assembly ground, Abakaliki chapter on Sunday 27/10/2019 and the thief/hired killer came to my house in Obosi at night, he succeeds in breaking through the front door…

“Who knows what happened to him when he entered my house? Just this morning, I started receiving calls from my village people, telling me that a young man, an unknown face was lying down, sleeping in front of my house totally naked as at 7am and all his clothes were found inside my building.”


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