Brymo Has a Message for Nigerians Who are Fleeing Abroad

Brymo is addressing a whole lot of issues on his social media, and the one that caught our eye is his message to Nigerians who are itching to flee abroad.

While the singer has described the country as a “shithole” he however expects that people, Africans, should stay home and shape their communities into what they expect it to be, and he cited the Afrikaners–the Southern African ethnic group that descended from predominantly Dutch settlers, saying that these people are “embracing” what people of African origin are running away from.

He said: “Travelling is heaven, but if you feel the urge to ditch this shithole remember that the only people on the African continent called ‘Afrikaners’ are largely none black south Africans who were originally Dutch!!..someone else is embracing and building what you are ashamed of.”

See his post:

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