Britney Spears’ Ex-Husband Kevin Federline Wants More Money From Her for Child’s Welfare

Kevin Federline has taken Britney Spears to court again over child welfare.

According to E! News, the DJ who was married to the pop star for two years has filed legal documents requesting a change in their child support agreement, adding that the singer will cover his attorney’s fees associated with the case.

Spears reportedly had been paying him $20,000 in child support since 2008 for their two sons, Sean, 12, and Jayden, 11. But in March of this year, Federline wanted to renegotiate the terms, and now has taken the matter to court for their input.

And so, in the documents he filed on May 22, Federline says his income has decreased since their last agreement, that he believes Spears’ annual income is around $34 million, while his own income is estimates at $3,000 a month, which is “less than 1 percent” of Spears’ estimated income.

He added that currently lives in a 2,000 square foot home with his current wife, their two children, two children from a previous marriage and the two sons he shares with Spears. As a result, he cannot provide a similar lifestyle the kids enjoy with Spears.

“Sean and Jayden have to share a room at my house,” he said in the documents. “There is no room for them to invite friends over or to have sleepovers.”

And so he is requesting for more child support “to provide some sort of remote parity between the lifestyles.”

Federline is apparently asking Spears to contribute to attorney’s fees incurred to date and future fees anticipated to be no less than $250,000, as well as $100,000 for forensic accounting fees. He also stated in the documents that the pop star has refused to provide her financial records to allow them and the court to determine a proper guideline for the child support and, as such, Federline argues he will need experts to help determine those figures.

In a separate statement shared with E! News, his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said:

“We tried to see if we could voluntarily come to an agreement on what the increased number of child support would be and in the process for doing that, [Britney’s team] came back with several conditions that were not acceptable. As a result, Kevin had to file a formal request that the court determine what the appropriate amount for child support is. If the court decides that this should be a reasonable needs order, then we’re going to use expert testimony to establish what the reasonable needs are of the minor children.”

We can’t wait to see how this pans out.


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