Britney Spear to Pay Her Ex, Kevin Federline, More Child Support

Britney Spears has reached a new child support agreement with her ex, Kevin Federline, who had been hounding her for more money.

Recall that their new drama started earlier this year after the DJ who was married to the pop star for two years filed legal documents requesting a change in their child support agreement, adding that the singer will cover his attorney’s fees associated with the case.

Spears reportedly had been paying him $20,000 in child support since 2008 for their two sons, Sean, 12, and Jayden, 11. But in March of this year, Federline wanted to renegotiate the terms, and so took the matter to court.

In the documents he filed on May 22, Federline said his income decreased since their last agreement, that he believed Spears’ annual income is around $34 million, while his own income is estimated at $3,000 a month, which is “less than 1 percent” of Spears’ estimated income. He further added that currently lives in a 2,000 square foot home with his current wife, their two children, two children from a previous marriage and the two sons he shares with Spears. As a result, he cannot provide a similar lifestyle the kids enjoy with Spears.

Now, The Blast has confirmed that Spears, 36, has agreed to fork over several thousand more dollars each month in child support to Federline. However, it was unclear as at press time, how much she agreed to pay him.

We can’t wait to see how it all pans out.


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