Brigitte Nielsen is Worried that She’ll be Mistaken for Her New Daughter’s Grandmother

Brigitte Nielsen is worried about how she will be perceived when her baby daughter starts school.

Recall that the 55-year-old reality TV star and her husband Mattia Dessi welcomed their daughter Frida in June. The couple got married 2006.

Speaking about motherhood with People, Nielsen said she fears she would be taken for her daughter’s grandmother when the child starts school, and it is for this reason she is considering not taking the child to school when that time comes.

“I might not take her to school when the time comes. I’ll let my husband do it, because I don’t want people to say, ‘Is that your grandmother taking you to school?’ ” Nielsen said, adding. “I don’t want her to feel bad.”

However, Neilsen stays in great spirit because she went on to explain that Frida “keeps me very young.”

Before meeting her husband Dessi, Nielsen was married to Kasper Winding, with whom she welcomed her first child, a son named Julian. She later wedded Sylvester Stallone, though the marriage lasted less than two years.

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