Breaking: British PM May Survives No Confidence Vote

British Prime Minister Theresa May has won a vote of no confidence in her government after a close vote Wednesday.

The embattled Prime Minister survived the vote by 325 votes to 306 a day after her Brexit deal suffered a historic defeat in parliament.

Ahead of the vote, Labour leader Jeremy Mr Corbyn told MPs that Mrs May had “lost control” of the government after what he termed a “catastrophic defeat” on the Brexit deal.

But Conservative Eurosceptics and the Democratic Unionists MPs who prop up her government pledged their support for Mrs May because neither wants a general election.

The PM will now embark on meetings with the leaders of the other Westminster parties as early as tonight as she seeks to establish what Brexit outcome would command the support of a majority of MPs.

Her big challenge however is to find a deal that is amenable both to a majority of MPs and also to the European Union.

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