Breaking! #BBNaija Cee-C Kisses Tobi and Internet Goes Berserk: WATCH

The moment every BBNaija fan has been waiting for finally came to pass: Cee-C and Tobi locked lips!

This interesting update comes a day after Cee-C was caught on camera looking longingly at Tobi’s direction as he got into a hearty chat with his then-partner Bambam. And at night, during a conversation with Lolu, she told him things she wished she could tell Tobi–how much she missed him and how she deeply appreciated his love.

Today, Cee-C, frustrated by her continued pairing to Lolu, got into an altercation with him, causing him an injury. Many Nigerians, who already were pissed with how she often curved Tobi, called for her dismissal, and Big Brother punished her further by pairing her a little longer with her perceived enemy, Lolu.

Well, they were later unpaired after they sort of made peace. Cee-C returned to Tobi again and they had a heart-to-heart conversation.

Many viewers still have reservations for her, until she shocked the underwear off everyone by, finally, kissing Tobi. And a deep, heart-melting kiss it was.

Watch the video!

Here’s what Nigerians think of the unprecedented move:

So, are you now #TeamCebi? Let us know what you think!

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