Brazilian Drug Lord Hangs Self after Botched Jailbreak Attempt

A Brazilian drug lord, Clauvino da Silva, who attempted to escape from prison while dressed as his own teenage daughter has been found dead in jail.

Da Silva, 42, had been serving a 73-year sentence in Bangu prison, Rio de Janeiro, when he was caught trying to break out of jail wearing an elaborate disguise on Saturday.

Guards caught him and returned him to his cell, where he was found dead on Tuesday having apparently hanged himself with a bed sheet.

Daily Mail reports that the Rio prison authority had launched an investigation into the death.

Da Silva – nicknamed ‘shorty or ‘bajito’ in Portuguese – had brought his daughter for a prison visit on Saturday when he launched his audacious escape attempt.

While she hid herself from guards, he slipped into a silicone mask, wig, glasses and women’s clothing including a pink top and bra before trying to sneak out.

Da Silva had dressed in an elaborate silicone mask, wig, and women’s clothing in order to break out of jail, but was caught

However, officers noticed that the woman they thought was Da Silva’s 19-year-old daughter was moving ‘awkwardly’ and decided to pull her aside.

Once in an interrogation room they discovered the woman was actually Da Silva in disguise.

The guards then posted a video of the gangster being undressed online, which made news around the world.


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