Brazil Legend, Ronaldinho, to Marry TWO Women at the SAME TIME in August

Brazil football legend Ronaldinho dazzled fans with his superhuman talents, and in yet more dazzling streak, the former Barcelona star has announced that he will marry his two fiancées – Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza – having ‘harmoniously’ lived with both since December in his Rio de Janeiro home.

Ronaldinho began dating Beatriz in 2016 while continuing his long-term relationship with existing partner Priscilla, and the 38-year-old will unofficially marry the two in a ceremony at his Santa Monica mansion, since it is illegal to commit bigamy in Brazil.

Priscilia Coelho, one of his girlfriends

According to columnist Leo Dias in Brazilian newspaper O Dia, Beatriz and Priscilla are given an allowance of £1,500 per month to spend how they wish. Ronaldinho also gives both of them the same gifts, too.

It is understood that the wedding music is already in place, with Brazilian singer Jorge Vercillo, who is Ronaldinho’s neighbour, set to provide the tunes.

Beatriz Souza, the other girl

The pair travelled with the two-time Fifa World Player of the Year to Brazil’s capital of Brasilia in March, when he announced his political ambition by joining the centre-right Brazilian Republican Party (PRB).

Ronaldinho officially retired from the game last year after stints in his native Brazil and Mexico.

For him, it seems to be a case of retired but not tired…Lol

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