Boy, 17, stabs Classmate to Death for Refusing to be his Girlfriend

A teenage boy Thomas Griffiths has pleaded guilty to stabbing his classmate Ellie Gould to death after she turned down his advances.

He appeared at Bristol Crown Court in England on Thursday morning to plead guilty to the murder charge, MailOnline reports.

It was gathered that Griffiths, 17, was a close friend of Gould, also 17, but wanted to take their friendship further.

They were both said to be classmates at Hardenhuish School at Chippenham, in northwest Wiltshire, England, where they were both studying for A-Levels.

When Ellie said she was ‘too busy’ for a relationship, Griffiths stabbed her multiple times at her parents’ home in Wiltshire, according to school friends.

“Thomas wanted to take the friendship to the next level, but Ellie didn’t want a serious boyfriend,” said a source.

“She was so involved with her riding and also worked as a waitress at weekends.

“There just wasn’t time, and she told Thomas this. She wanted to remain friends but cool their friendship.

“She had told him that they would see each other every day at school – but obviously it was not enough.

“He went round to see her and we all know what happened.

A source close to Griffiths suggested he was depressed after his father Sean had been diagnosed with cancer.

Griffiths drove to Ellie’s home on an estate in Calne, Wiltshire, on May 3, and stabbed her to death.

He sped away from the scene in his car and was arrested by police several miles away.

Both his parents were at Bristol Crown Court to see him plead guilty to murder last Thursday.

He has been told he faces a mandatory life sentence for the crime.

A judge said the teenager, who will be sentenced on November 8, had admitted an ‘extremely grave crime’.

The death of Ellie has left her parents Matthew and Carol ‘shattered’, said a family member.


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