Boy, 15, Saw-Off Own Head after Losing a Computer Game

A 15-year-old Russian boy has allegedly killed himself in a rather grotesque manner after losing a computer game.

Authorities claim 15-year-old Pavel Mateev inflicted wounds on himself with a chainsaw after one of his gaming sessions went awry.

Mateev, from Tomsk region, is reported to have been addicted to the computer game that his mother had bought for him.

According to a state-owned Russian television channel NTV, the police in Russia are investigating the claims after he died from the self-inflicted wounds

It is unclear what computer game he was playing, but a female source said Pavel spent hours at his computer and that his “nerves gave in after a game”.

The local office of the Russian Investigative Committee gave no further details on Pavel’s case except to confirm a criminal case had been opened into incitement to suicide.

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