Bow Wow Makes a Suicide Statement on Twitter After Hearing Some Bad News

Bow Wow is talking suicide on his social media again.

The rapper took to his Twitter today to share some disturbing posts about wanting to jump off a balcony. “Feel like jumping off this balcony,” he wrote, stirring worrying from followers who immediately sent him the National Suicide Prevention phone number.

Responding to one of his concerned fans, he said: “Im sorry but i truly dont want to be here no more!”

This is not the first time Bow Wow would be talking about taking his own life.

In late March, he tweeted about wishing he never existed, and later blamed the media for all his suffering. “It’s anger. Its what yall turned me into,” he said. “The media. The bloggers. The people. This is what yall wanted. I was the red and blue spiderman. Now im the all black spider man.”

Today, he has taken to his page again to share his worries, but has assured fans that he will not go ahead with the threat. “No im not gone do nothing. It was just a figure of speech. I woke up to bad news,” he said.

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