Border closure aimed at strengthening economy, security

Nigerian President, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd) said on Saturday in London that the partial closure of Nigerian borders is not a punitive plot against its neighbours but a well thought out decision aimed at strengthening national economy and security.

The president stated this while addressing a group of the Nigerians at a meeting, stressing that the closure period would also be used for reflections on the critical areas of the nation’s life and plan to protect her again economic and security threats.

The President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina,said in a statement that the border closure has already started yielding dividends for the country especially  local  farmers as smuggling of agricultural produce has gone down drastically, as well as the smuggling of arms and ammunition.

Commending Nigerians in the Diaspora for their huge home remittances – more than $25 billion in 2018 – the President also lauded their individual performances in their various fields of expertise.

Explaining the achievements of his administration in implementing its three-point campaign agenda by focusing on fixing the economy, providing security and tackling corruption, the President said Nigeria’s “huge, vibrant youth population” have been encouraged to go back to the farms and are “living decent and respectable lifestyles.”

On security, he said: “it is common sense that you can only run the country if it is secured,” adding that the country “has not done badly in the North East.”

Describing the havoc done by corruption to the image and economy of Nigeria as “terrible,” President Buhari said that his administration is now focused on retrieving stolen fixed assets and returning the proceeds of the sale “to the treasury through the Treasury Single Account (TSA),” so that nobody can return them to the convicts even after his tenure.


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