Boko Haram Trends after Nigerians Threaten to Unleash Insurgents on South Africans

Dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram, is trending on Twitter…but not for dropping bombs or maiming innocent citizens.

Surprised, yeah? Okay, the terrorist group is trending because Nigerians have threatened to unleash it on South Africans in retaliation for the recent xenophobic attacks in the country.

In a renewed wave of xenophobia, a group of violent South Africans in Johannesburg took to the streets to loot and burn businesses owned by Nigerians.

In an interview, a visibly angry Nigerian man in South Africa told a TV journalist that his country would invite the insurgents to defend them as the attacks persist.

The man who alleged that the South African government is an accomplice in the continuous attacks on Nigerians in the country said:

“Boko must come to this country (South Africa) because the government of this country are part of this incident.

“Our government is coming to revenge for this thing that happen today.

“We are not going to take this easy this time around.”

The threat sent South African Twittersphere abuzz as social media users in the country turned it into a sensational topic.

They took to Twitter to mock Nigerians over the threat which has made Boko Haram a trending topic on Twitter South Africa.



6 thoughts on “Boko Haram Trends after Nigerians Threaten to Unleash Insurgents on South Africans

  1. This is not the first time South Africa are doing this as me is just too unbecoming to this their evil mind set to Nigeria citizens living in South Africa
    what a hell of this their citizens are living feely in our country Nigeria with no one hot them for living in Nigeria
    Is time that the government of South Africa and the Nigeria government should together on how to put an end to this before it will get out of hand some days to come.

  2. two wrongs won’t make one right ??
    SA excuse for xenophobua is stupidity being zoophobic doesn’t warrant one to kill animals
    foreigners shouldn’t act rashly to SA stupidity ????

  3. SA deputy minister of police defends his people, the president in the past made a comment about foreign nationals in a way that incites hate. Is true boko haram is a threat to Nigeria but they can be useful in this struggle. South Africans should await for their dream to come true.

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