Boko Haram Cuts off Women’s Ears for ‘Acting as Informants’

Boko Haram terrorists took their insanity to a whole new level after they slashed off the ears of some women during an attack in Kalagari community, a border village in northern Cameroon, near Nigeria.

According to reports, the women had been helping by passing information to the Cameroonian and Multinational Joint Task Force, set up to degrade the insurgency.

The women were part of a vigilante group set up by the community, but when the Boko Haram militia came, they outnumbered the local forces and unleashed hell on the women.

According to, the latest brutality by the insurgents comes amid an upsurge in attacks in Cameroon in recent times.

On June 9, 16 Cameroon soldiers were killed in an attack in the town of Darak, Logone and Chari district.

The attack was carried out by an estimated 300 Boko Haram fighters and left at least eight civilians wounded.

Islamist militants Boko Haram are known for all manners of bestial deeds such as burning of homes, beheading victims and severing their hands all in the name of enforcing Islamic Sharia law.


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