Boity Thulo Launches New Perfume Collection, Boity Pink Sapphire

Boity Thulo has announced her own fragrance product called, Boity Pink Sapphire, which reportedly costs N34, 000 per bottle.

Posting on her social media, the South African media queen said, “Thank you all so so so much for the love, support and kind words. I appreciate this so much. This is only the beginning!”

And in a statement shared with TimesLive, Boity explained what fans can expect from the perfume. She said:

“It’s a powerful but elegant fragrance. The top notes you smell at first are the sugar, the fresh tangerine and wild marigold. After a few moments, you’ll smell the amber, jasmine, and French lavender and, finally, the heavier base notes of Ambroxan, moss and cedarwood bring that incredible depth — they balance out the sweeter notes perfectly. I just love it!”

Check out her post below:

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