Bobrisky Advises Young Women: “You Mustn’t Attend Every Party. Sometimes, Be Classy.”

Bobrisky has taken to her Instagram to share some wise words, especially to females who she feels have been towing the wrong path.

Posting on her Instagram yesterday, the socialite called out some Lagos-based women who she says put themselves through unhealthy rigours just to attract well-to-do men.

According to the socialite, these enervating outings are hardly fruitful, adding that the men often never fully committed to any woman because they pass the women on to friends, like underwear.

“You shouldn’t go to all party before you see your dream man,” she said. “Some girls attend all party in this Lekki just because they are desperate to mingle with big boys. Sometimes be classy.”

She continued, “If I attend one, just know that the celebrant is so close to me. I don’t waste my precious makeup on some stupid outing that doesn’t make sense. if you are not paying me, I am not going anywhere.”

And she said a lot more.

See the post below.

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