Bobrisky Admits He is Sexually Attracted to Actress Anita Joseph

Bobrisky may not identify as straight, but he seemingly still get turned on by attractive women.

The socialite took to his Instagram Story today to share a video of his dearest friend Anita Joseph, who posed and pouted in the recording, while Bobrisky showered with praises and admitted that he is sexually attracted to her.

“This your shape is killing. Anita, see I don’t like girls but you are trying to turn me into a straight. My d*ck is turning up for you,” he said in the hilarious, causing everyone to erupt into wild laughter.

And this comes amid the endless speculations about Bobrisky’s sexuality. The socialite is apparently living the best of his life while torturing trolls who foam in the mouth each time he shows off on social media.

See the video below:

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