Blackface Reportedly Apologises to 2baba Idibia

Blackface reportedly has apologised to 2baba Idibia, Premium Times is reporting.

According to the outlet, the written apology led to an out-of-court settlement for their ongoing copyright infringement battle in Lagos on Wednesday.

“Having consulted with my Solicitors, I do hereby revoke all allegations of intellectual property theft and career sabotage previously made against Mr. Innocent Idibia and Mr. Efe Omorogbe,” said Blackface in the letter, adding, “these statements were erroneously made under misapprehension as to their accuracy, due to prevailing circumstances at the time. I have been advised on the inaccuracy of my previous allegations and retract them entirely.”

He continued, “I undertake to refrain from making any such subsequent statements against the persons of Mr. Innocent Idibia and Mr. Efe Omorogbe in future”.

The duo then came to an agreement in the presence of 2baba’s manager, Efe Omorogbe, and Black Face’s lawyer, Manny Enajeroh, in Lagos on Wednesday, at the Ikeja High Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) section.

Black Face’s solicitor, Manny Enajeroh, also hinted of a possibility of both artistes recording a track together. He said:

“That would ultimately depend on the parties, but I see no reason why that can’t happen. Their differences were purely professional resulting from certain inefficiencies in the copyright system. There is no longer an issue of stealing songs so I believe the future of both artistes is bright.”



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