Blac Chyna’s Mum Makes Emotional Plea to Amber Rose in Effort to See Her Grandkid

Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni, has sent out an emotional plea to Amber Rose.

In the now-deleted post shared on her Instagram, Tokyo Toni accused Chyna of keeping her away from her grandchildren, Dream Renée Kardashian and King Cairo Stevenson, claiming she has not seen them in over a year, and all attempt to contact Chyna had failed. Hence why she wants her daughter’s good friend, Amber, to intervene.

“Hey @amberrose you are the only person that I know that knows my daughter who does not fear her,” Toni wrote. “Can you do me a favor if it’s anywhere deep in your heart can you please tell her I said let me see those kids! I’m so very sorry to come at you in this way on social media but there’s no other way.”

Then the upset grandmother went on to bash her daughter and all those surrounding her. “All of her employees make up artist and hairstylist all of those people are sorry ass chumps,” she wrote, before announcing she would attend Amber’s 2018 Slut Walk. “[…] She has nothing but yes people around her and I hate every last one of them. If you could do this OK, if not OK love you kiddo.”

This comes just days after same Tokyo Toni denounced her daughter on Instagram. “I don’t like that bitch – Chyna – no more,” she said in one of the clips, adding,”I don’t know who the fuck that wicked motherfucker is. She aint no kid of mine.”

Will Amber Rose help resolve their differences this time? We wait.


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