Blac Chyna’s Lawyers Have Been Getting Death Threats Since Her Sex Tape Leaked

Lisa Bloom and Walter Mosley who are representing Blac Chyna, have revealed that they have been getting death threats since the model’s sex tape leaked.

According to TMZ, the duo have received emails and Instagram messages threatening their lives and the lives of their families, all because they chose to represent the model.

“My member is searching for you. If he finds you I gave him instructions already not to kill you but beat you bloody,” read one of the messages sent to Bloom. “I will have 5 men rape your daughter by gunpoint at he address by the end of this week.”

Another one sent to Mosley around December, read, “I be showing up at your house soon next Friday motherf*****. I still have your address. Me and partner will do our inspection. We coming to murder your ass if you at home.”

Mosley also went on to claim that he got a message on Instagram which said, “Chyna holding her hand you a soul less motherf*****. So when I give my partner the okay to stab the hell out of you on your nice floor you have … see life aint easy. I’m going keep watching you. When I’m sick of you then I kill you.”

The lawyers have taken this up with the Los Angeles Police Department who have now begun their investigations.

Blac Chyna’s sex tape which features her and ex-boyfriend, Mechie, shut down the internet days ago, and Chyna insist that the tape was leaked without her permission. She and her lawyers are treating it as a ‘criminal matter’.

Now her lawyers, who have been representing her since her drama with the Kardashians, are getting threats. Will the culprits get caught? We hope so!

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