Bizarre! Woman Hides Stolen Rolex Wrist Watches in Her Vagina!

Theft took a completely bizarre turn after a 29-year-old woman stole five Rolex wrist watches from a man she met at a club…and hid four of the stolen items inside her vagina.

The suspect, Delajurea Brookens, was said to have met her victim, 46-year-old Ramon Diaz, at the popular Mango’s nightclub on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach

Diaz invited Brookens to his hotel room, but as he freshened up in the bathroom, she took the watches which were kept in a Crown Royal whiskey bag and took to her heels. She definitely didn’t follow his drift.

The gentleman came back into the hotel room and noticed his Crown Royal whiskey bag – containing five watches valued at a total of $108,000 — gone.

Brookens then dashed out of the room, went outside and hailed a taxi. Before she could get into the cab, Diaz saw his whiskey bag inside her purse and demanded it back. Brookens then beat him on his head with an unknown object.

“Diaz became dazed and fell to the ground,” according to police.

But when officers showed up and searched the velour bag, they were only able to find one of the watches – a $22,000 Hublot.

The other jewellery did not show up until a strip search in jail when jailers say they found them stashed inside Brookens’ vagina.

The suspect, a repeat offender who had the word ‘whore’ tattooed on her arm, was charged with grand theft, cocaine possession, and introducing contraband into a correctional facility.

Bad news for would-be clients though…she has now been freed on bond!

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