Bisi Alimi Calls Out GTBank’s Hypocrisy in New Instagram Post

GTBank recently revealed famous stylist Jay Manuel as the headliner of their upcoming fashion master class, and Bisi Alimi has a problem with their arrangement.

According to Alimi, the top bank operates in a country that criminialises LGBTQ relationship but chooses to invite a famous homosexual man to facilitate their workshop. Alimi thinks there are qualified stylists in the country who are being ignored because of their sexuality.

“There are so many people in Nigeria with shared sexuality with these men and who are very good at their jobs like these men that GTBank will not touch with the longest stick in the world,” said the activist.

Adding, “These people in GTBank will even argue engaging with such people will be against their religious beliefs but when it comes to foreign gays, those hypocritical religious beliefs will jump out of the window. I now know which gays Nigeria god accepts.”

He continued, “This hypocrisy is why many of us are leaving this country to go to where we will be appreciated and loved. This shameful act from GTBank is part of the bigger madness plaguing Nigeria at the moment. I am sure Nigerians will line up like they did with Richard Quest to welcome Jay Manuel while they are busy asking for their own gays to be killed. Mad people everywhere.”

And he said a lot more.

Read his post below.


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