Binta Diamond Reacts to Claims that Wizkid Physically Abused Jada Pollock

Binta Diamond, the mother Wizkid’s second son Ayodeji Jr., has broken silence after Jada Pollock accused the singer of domestic violence.

In case you missed it: Pollock, who shares a sone with the singer, took to her Instagram Stories moments ago to accuse him of being physically abusive all through the years they were together. “From today Ayo and I no longer work together. I’ve been in an abusive relationship him for years, covering up for him time and time again. And I’m tired,” she wrote.

The London-based manager continued, “Wizkid continuously puts his hands on me, leaves me with bruises that I cover from the world including my friends and family. It often feels like we are at war in the same house.”

And she added that she can’t raise her son in that ‘unhealthy environment.”

This has stirred a heated reaction on social media, with Binta, who had endured a long period of psychological abuse from Wizkid, reminding Jada of ‘karma’.

“Karma is a bitch ain’t it,” said Binta on a blog post about the abuse allegations.

Her reaction perhaps is because of Jada’s loyalty to Wizkid at a time when he dismissed Binta and the mother of his first son, Sola Ogudu, as ‘money hungry hoes.’

See her comment in the post below:

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