Bill Cosby Drags Mainstream Media Outlets in Thanksgiving Day Tweets

Bill Cosby had a lot to say about the media on Thanksgiving Day and everyone is still talking about it.

The disgraced actor, who is still serving prison time for sexually assaulting a woman, posted a series of messages via his official account, tackling specific mainstream media outlets. he urged his followers to support all black media outlets over major newspapers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. 

“Happy thanksgiving and be thankful to Native Americans,” Cosby wrote. He then signed off with “Yours Truly” and referred to himself as “The Educator and Political Prisoner.” Among the series of hashtags was “#FarFromFinished,” which is also the name of one of his concert specials.

He continued, “It’s #BlackFriday, so let’s spend our dollars with #BlackPressUSA & all Black media outlets that propel the truth and the facts, not Fake News. The truth is in the pudding, this week Black Press USA proved its power and relevance to the world.”

He further included a link to an article on the Black Press USA website, headlined “Bill Cosby Spoke From the Prison and the Whole World Listened.” The story features an interview with Cosby from Nov. 24, the first exclusive interview he participated in since beginning his sentence at a maximum security penitentiary near Philadelphia.

“No longer should we succumb to the fear of many mainstream media outlets like Associated Press, CNN, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post & Radar Online to name a few. Black Friday + Black People = BlackPressUSA,” he added in a third tweet.

While these have spurred conversations, it was unclear whether Cosby physically posted these tweets himself, or if a representative tweeted on his behalf.

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