Beverly Osu Responds to Criticisms of Her Nun Photoshoot: ‘Worry About Victims Raped by Priests’

Beverly Osu thinks those who have a lot to say about her nun photoshoot have their priorities all messed up.

Drama started after the photos of the actress’ recent Taylor Live Mag shoot surfaced which showed her posing provocatively as a nun while clutching a rosary. And as expected, folks took to their social media to negatively criticise the actress and accuse her of disrespecting the Catholic Church.

See some of the reactions below.

Well, Osu has responded.

“I am a born and practicing Catholic, so I know and take your faith seriously,” she began, however added: “People should rather worry and pray for the hundreds of thousands of innocent victims that are raped and abused by priests all over the world, particularly over 1000 victims raped by over 300 priests in Pennsylvania, than worry over a harmless picture that is a mere work of art.”

And she said a lot more.

See the post below.


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