Betty Irabor was Labelled Anorexic and Snobbish While Battling Depression, She Speaks on the Experience

Betty Irabor has referred to the period in her life when she suffered from debilitating depression.

The Genevieve Magazine founder, tweeted about her eight-year battle with the disease as she detailed some of her experience during that period.

Betty Irabor recounted how she was labeled ‘anorexic’ by a news outlet because she lost weight and being hounded by folks who thought she was on some sort of ‘death diet’.

People who had no idea of the difficult times she was going through tagged her ‘snobbish’ because during that time, she lost the will  to socialise; a fallout of her condition.

However, Betty Irabor has been free from the disease, five years now and even wrote a book about her experience. She dropped a final note in her tweets, saying things are not always as they seem, hence, folks should be guided.

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