Benue Politician Warns Military Officers From Having “Illicit” Affairs With Agatu Girls

Mrs. Comfort Alhassan, the Chairman of Agatu Local Government, has warned officers of the Nigeria Airforce (NAF), especially those on the “Quick Response Mission”, to stay away from their females.

Alhassan says these men will face the wrath of gods for their actions, in turn casting a spell doom for the soldiers, if they dared.

The politician reportedly made this comment yesterday during the unveiling of the 21 Quick Response Wing of the NAF in the tragedy-ravaged area of the state.

It is worthy to note that only 2016, the whole of the local government area was sacked by herdsmen who forced their way into the place, displaced farmers and set houses ablaze. Many residents lost their lives.

Now, Alhassan wishes for the soldiers deployed to the area to stay away from their females who are still dealing with traumas. “Your body is not wood, but I advise you not to get swelled by your emotions, if you are in love with them, notify their parents of your intentions, but avoid illicit sex with them,” she said, via Daily Post.

She also appreciated the military for stepping in protect the community. “Now we can sleep with our two eyes closed,” she said while adding that she will support the soldiers by providing their food needs.

“Whatever their needs, they should ask of us,” she said.

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