Bella Thorne Claps Back at Haters Who Criticized Her Appearance: ‘What the F*ck is Wrong You Guys?’

Bella Thorne has clapped back at body-shamers who hopped on her social media to mock her looks.

Drama started yesterday after the actress shared a makeup-free photo of herself in celebration of her upcoming music release. “Happy girl because I’m releasing two songs on Friday #GOAT #BITCHIMBELLATHORNE,” she captioned the post.

And while many fans celebrated with her, some nasty folks had unkind things to say about her body. And she didn’t hesitate to address them on Twitter.

“You guys got me f–ked what what cuz I don’t wear makeup and I’m exhausted from working and I have acne, and you guys think I’m im crack?” Thorne tweeted.

And that’s not’s all.

The actress returned with a second tweet, saying, “What the f–k is wrong w you guys. I don’t like 2018 you guys just try and rip apart EVERY single thing you see. It’s disgusting,” Thorne continued. “You can’t just for one second think hmm this is a real person I’m talking to.. a real f–king human being just like yourself.”

Well, that was all she needed to shame the shamers, and we guess no one will be in a hurry to mock her looks next time.

See the photo that started all the drama.

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